Spruce up your spring with the color green

As spring season approaches, and the weather gets warmer, let’s bring those warmer weather vibes inside your home! Bringing the outdoors inside, will make the perfect post-winter transition to cure those bitter blues.

I’ve used this technique during winter to help combat that dread of the cold, so if you want to keep that snug feeling going, let’s start by bringing in colors that evoke that feeling of nature-think blues and earthy greens.

Green is the No.1 trend to look out for this spring. Benjamin Moore’s “Color Trends for 2022” are natural and botanical inspired. Sherwin-Williams conducted a survey of over 400 designers, and emerald green was the top pick for on-trend color. Better Home and Garden says emerald green offers a “powerful, grounding effect.”

One way to brighten up your space is greenery like plants that can help accent that warm feeling in your kitchen or dining rooms. A little green can go a long way, especially if you want to bring more of a natural feel to your spaces.

We can replicate that warm earthy feeling with textures and colors that will make you feel like you are outside. These natural colors will help you complete this concept! A plant in the middle of the room is always a good start for inspiration.

Now, let’s go green!