It’s time for a dining room refresh

Say goodbye to boring dining rooms! You can inject luxury, storytelling, and comfort into your home by simply refreshing your dining room’s design. Here are a few ways you can add a bit of life:

Elevate Your Senses

Can you imagine dining in the ambiance of an upscale restaurant from the comfort of your own home? That’s exactly the aesthetic I love to curate for my clients! To achieve this elevated feel, your whole room needs powerful statement pieces. The classy lights here serve that exact purpose and lend the room a sense of luxury and refinement. Everyone sitting down will feel like they’re in a five-star restaurant!

Tell a Story

The wallpaper is not just a beautiful feature for this dining room, but it also tells a story–literally! We custom-made this wallpaper to connect to the client’s ancestors coming to California in the 1800s from Sweden. We based the wallpaper on what the ancestors would have seen back then arriving to California. The back of the chairs is also historically accurate, as they are indicative of the trading with China that was done then.