Floral is in this spring

I’m a huge fan of bringing nature indoors during the springtime, and to continue with this theme, let’s also talk about how you can bring spring inside either by using elements from your garden or floral design elements.

Garden-inspired wallpapers are a timeless and elegant way to colorfully bring nature into your home, and they will never go out of style! My recommendation is to always choose colors and scale of prints according to your home’s design and personal style. You can also do this with floral patterns. Think vibrant colors!

When I used floral wallpaper inside this powder room, it really brightened up the space. Also, don’t be afraid to add floral arrangements, if you’d like to add an element of nature to your design. I loved how this room turned out.

Floral textiles are another way to spread this theme. Organic patterns will always bring balance and depth to any room.

When it comes to tabletops and florals, it really is an artform. This reminds me of the great book “Designing Life’s Celebrations” by DeJuan Stroud. This book is an amazing resource for all thing’s tabletop floral.

Adding flowers are an easy, lively way to bring nature’s joy to any room.