What We Do

Bill Stubbs is the authentic tastemaker at the helm of William W. Stubbs & Associates. His international design firm based in Houston, Texas, has a collection of narratives that define each client, who become part of the William W. Stubbs and Associates family. Spaces range from a master suite in a private home, to multi-million-dollar estates in exotic locations, to renovations/restorations of historical buildings, with the interior of a corporate jet winning the “most unusual” honor. Bill is a lifestyle manager working with individuals, couples, and partners to develop a broad, creative vision of their way of life. So whether it’s new construction, renovation, or preservation, Bill works closely with your architectural team to design your space from the ground-up—combining the whole of your special collections, treasures, and furnishings, with new pieces for your life going forward, into an organic blueprint that every professional on the project–architects, designers, and craftsmen–will welcome as their guidepost.

Bill’s team will:

  • Plan the functionality and development of spaces
  • Participate in the selection of all finishes
  • Select and order all new furnishing
  • Move the clients into their new space

Development of Space

We recognize that each design endeavor should result in a beautiful expression of the clients’ passions, lifestyle, and legacy. We pay homage to their vision and artistic penchant, creating spaces that are comfortable, inspiring, and deeply personal places to live, work, and play.

Selected Finished

We go beyond space planning to include in-home design consultations, assembling of material samples and showroom visits. We guide our clients through the entire design process to include color selections, fabrics, appliances, lighting, and finishes.


We assist our clients in determining which services are right for their project. We are proactive in assembling the necessary team of professionals from a variety of disciplines to propel the project to fruition. We are the team leader in working with you to choose the architect and the contractor. It is important that we have strong input into the architectural style, space planning, code, and structural demands for new construction or any renovation.

Complete Move-In

Our design team orchestrates your entire move into a new-build or renovated spaces. We meet the movers at the door and handle every detail for the client, including placement of furnishings, art, and accessories, including the supervision of all audio-visual installations.