Simple Steps for Thanksgiving Success

It is always a happy time when you get to host friends and family for Thanksgiving, but the task of prepping your home for your guests can be stressful. Follow some of my simple tips for setting your home to impress your visitors without breaking a sweat!

Organize Your Kitchen

Before your Thanksgiving dinner, there will be plenty of bodies coming in and out of your kitchen to help, converse, or sneak a peek at what’s getting cooked up. To fit as many people as possible, it’s important to keep your kitchen as organized as possible. Look at how optimally I designed this kitchen for guests. There are plenty of drawers and cupboards to effectively contain all your items, and the open concept leaves plenty of space for visitors to congregate around the countertop.

Set Up a Sitting Room

Finding ways to occupy your guests before dinner can be hectic, especially if you plan on hosting many friends and family members. Make sure to provide ample seating for everyone you’ve invited, and if you’ve got space for a sitting room, make sure to use it. I designed this sitting room with these supremely comfortable chairs to encourage conversation between four or more people. It will be a huge help to have a room like this handy!

Use Subtle Thanksgiving Themes

Not sure how hard you want to lean into Thanksgiving-specific decorations? The choice is yours, but I always like to practice the art of nuance with holiday décor. This living room I designed serves as a perfect example. The autumn colors in the chairs, books, and flowers perfectly suit the Thanksgiving theme, but the room would look great on any other day of the year. I just love it!