All About Wallpaper

Don’t settle for dull wallpaper! I encourage creativity in wallpapers to impress guests and reinforce the overall energy of a room. Take a look at how I treated the wallpapers for these clients to add a splash of imagination to their homes:

I adore the way that this amazing design elevates this entrance by lending it a sense of composure. The picture depicted in this piece tells a story that wraps around the entire room, paired so perfectly with the light and airy colors on the ceiling that this piece becomes a showstopper.

Gorgeous wallpaper doesn’t always have to be for guests. Look at the wall in this gentleman’s private principal bathroom in Corona Del Mar, California. He might be the only one who sees it, but the illustrations of villagers work flawlessly with the strong personality of the counter. The bold and dark colors of the room are so modern, and they juxtapose beautifully with the scenery in the wallpaper.

Have you ever seen a wallpaper so blissful? One of my favorite tricks is to fill the room with accents that have similar shades to the background of the design—I adore how the lamp plays off of this gorgeous piece. The glass bunny on the stand ties it all together!