Awe-Inspiring Autumn Designs

I love summer just as much as everyone else. Pools, patios, and porches are some of my favorite elements to design, and a hard day of work is always better in the sunshine! However, you won’t find me complaining about the arrival of autumn. In fact, I love getting a home ready for the season of warm colors and coziness. Here are some of my favorite design tips for a fashionable fall:

Warm and Wonderful

The first things that spring to anyone’s mind about interior design in autumn are warm colors, but it’s hard to get them perfectly right without paying proper attention to detail. Look to this room I designed in London as inspiration—the different shades of brown across the room offer enough subtle differences in depth and tone to prevent the room from feeling drab or monotonous. The lamps were strategically placed to add an extra dimension of color and warmth to the walls, and I love the result! It’s so cozy!

Earthy Energy

Fall colors don’t need to dominate a space to curate the proper seasonal theme. Look at this fireplace in a home I designed in Newport Coast, California. The room’s walls and flowers are light and airy, but the wood in the fireplace and the wooden artifacts above it both ground the room and keep it all perfectly autumnal. I feel warm just looking at it!

Terrific Textiles

Any wall in your home can benefit from a textile’s softening effects, so I hung one up right by this entrance! Not only does this tapestry instill a comforting aura into the room, but its earthy colors and design complement the rest of the room’s unpretentious appeal flawlessly.If I lived here, I would love walking through those doors every single day just to see this room!