Beauty and the Bathroom

When you’re designing your dream home, it’s easy to get caught up in some of the more subtle details of the house that might not be seen by visitors—which is great, because I love the finer details! However, today I’d like to focus in on the one room in your house that every guest is going to ask to see—the bathroom. Take a look at some of my favorite bathrooms that I’ve designed with my team over the years:

Watery Wonders

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know this house in California has been in the works for a while—we are so thrilled it’s complete! I’m enamored with the continuity of the soft blue accents across the room, which offer a sense of lightness to the space and remind a guest of calming water. The floral patterns on the walls are magnificent, too.

Floral Fun

If you enjoyed the floral patterns in the last home, then you’ll love this bathroom as much as I do. I knew that this room needed a pop of color to welcome guests in, so I balanced the sophisticated depth of the countertop with the bright floral wallpaper and the gorgeous vase of flowers. Wouldn’t you love to walk into that?

Cool and Calm

Can you imagine stepping into this view every night? This bathroom I designed for a client exemplifies the power of wallpaper in cultivating the proper atmosphere for any space. The floral print on this wallpaper offers the cool, calming energy that every principal bathroom needs. I love the relaxed shade of blue on this wallpaper too—it’s the absolute perfect backdrop for any nighttime routine!