Tie in your travels to your home interior

International influences and travel-inspired designs can work together in perfect harmony! Sometimes clients are inspired by their travels and want to bring that influence from a vacation to their homes. While others want to pay homage to their heritage by using their family background as inspiration for their homes design and decor. These ideas are always a fun way to add a personal touch!

Travel-inspired interiors are one of the top trends to look out for this year according to Vogue. This reminds me of a recent project I’ve worked on – the California dream project in Newport Beach. For this project, I wanted to take imagery that would show the influence and inspirations outside of North America, while at the same time fitting in with the rest of the house’s color scheme, and nautical features. We were able to bring the idea of heritage and international motifs to the dining room, by installing a custom wallpaper that depicts the arrival of the client’s ancestors to California.

There is a synergy we can tap into when we think about where influences come from, and truly visit how they will reflect in the overall design concept of a home. I believe when clients are inspired by their travels to so many parts of the world, or tap into ancestral elements, it opens up the possibilities on what we could do creatively. Let my team and I surpass your expectations by incorporating your international influences into your home!