How to have fun with outdoor furniture

This year, outdoor furniture is in style more than ever. Whether it is for curb appeal of your front yard, or to beautify your backyard, the furniture chosen is key to completing the look of perfection we seek.

At times, the outdoor furniture serves as an extension of how the interior of the house is designed. As we spend more time outdoors, and entertain guests in the spring and summer weather, the decor plays a big part of the style we bring from the interior. We never overlook the accent pillows, lighting, hardware, and landscape design when designing any outdoor space.

A woven rocker on the front deck, or an expansive backyard with chairs, couches, and hammocks, all adds to the aesthetic. If you have a pool or plenty of patio space, this just opens the opportunities of what we can do. Use your surroundings as an inspiration and embrace the environment!

Do you have an ocean view? Bring in blues to represent the ocean and sky. If you have a mountain view, make your outdoor space cozy with greens. If you have lush gardens, create seating areas to enjoy the gaze of the beautiful flowers. Enjoy your backyard the way you always imagined it. We can create a custom, outdoor living space suited to your desires.