Redesign your home for the holidays

As you know, the kitchen is the heart of the home and, as such, deserves special consideration especially if you are planning for holiday entertaining. Start with a simple redesign for your kitchen. I suggest beginning with the kitchen island at the center of your space.

If you choose to match this aesthetic for an entire room, including a backsplash, waterfall island and wood-toned cabinetry offset by contrasting yet complementary color palette. This will create instant elegance for family and friends.

Another key to creating a well-designed space is mixing tones on your fixtures—aged brass, polished nickel, copper—it’s really the small details and decisions that ensures it is not “matchy-matchy”.

Nothing stops us from enjoying a good meal together, especially if the place to partake in is amazing. Creating the perfect dining room is one of the best design decisions you can make. Your dining room should be a place for entertaining, conversation, and relaxing.

Dining rooms should be both aesthetically beautiful and functional, providing a place where you can entertain guests, host gatherings, and simply enjoy your time with family. The perfect dining room provides comfort, style, and functionality.

After all, this is where we share stories, experience traditions, and spend time with our loved ones.