A bedroom oasis is all about design

The bedroom is your personal sanctuary, and the right wall color plays an important part in helping to achieve the desired mood. Besides creating the mood of your bedroom, the color of the walls can also establish a theme and even provide a sense of well-being.

There are many factors to consider when choosing colors for your bedroom walls. What kind of person are you? What colors are most restful for you? Do you need to feel calm and relaxed or energized by bright colors? Realize that some colors may be perceived differently depending on their surroundings or on the feel you want to achieve in the room.

A bedroom retreat.

Some homeowners look at a bedroom as an oasis, a place to rest, recover, and relax. Creating a beautiful bedroom can be easy when you have the right elements. I love creating spaces centered around balance and interest. The bedside tables, bed frame, and rug are all beautiful neutrals that bring brightness to the room. The floral-patterned wallpaper also creates interest with complementary lamps that do not overwhelm the space.