Cool Tips for Warming Up

We’re almost in December, and that cozy fall weather is starting to drop into the uncomfortably chilly temperatures we dread. If you’re going to be staying inside, you need to make sure your home has the proper warm décor that you’ll love to look at every day!

You can’t think of a cozy wintertime home without a fireplace coming to mind! Maximize the power of your home’s fireplace by paying special attention to the design elements around it. In this home I designed, I placed two white and symmetrical vases on the mantle to offer a sense of serenity to the room. Wouldn’t you love to sit in one of those chairs for a warm, fireside chat? I know I would!

Sometimes, you need more than a cozy sweater to warm up. That’s why I adore throws! This throw’s shade matches the tone of these chairs in this home I designed for a client. The ottoman tops it all off—there’s nothing better than putting your feet up and wrapping yourself up in a luxurious cashmere throw!

Even if the rest of your home is warm, the sight of a drab winter outside can make you feel cold no matter where you are. That’s why I like using warm colors throughout the home during winter, so that you feel snug just looking around! Take a peek at this room I designed, where this forest fall piece and the plant in the room will transport anybody right back to that summer and fall weather they miss!