Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to share the things I love the most

Love is in the air again! It’s time to give your home a dose of playful romance with these fun design ideas. And what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, than to share more of the things I love?

Beautiful Hues

There’s just something about color in a space that makes you immediately feel an emotion. Whether you’re updating a single space or the entire home, color can have a huge impact on the overall feeling and design of the space. Vibrant colors infuse your space with energy and warmth, which is great no matter the season. While other subtle shades create a certain moodiness and intensity.

Creating Functional Design by bringing the Outdoors Inside

The key to great design is not only great taste, but truly developing a space that nurtures my client’s personality and their lifestyles. It’s no secret that nature and greenery have a calming effect on our senses – it soothes, it inspires, and it regenerates. As we spend more time indoors and in front of screens, I like the idea of bringing large doses of fresh air inside.

Red Florals

A bouquet of red roses or any other red floral arrangement in a home is perfect for creating an environment of love and passion. Thanks to their beauty and symbolism, they easily transform a space without much work. Using red florals in any space throughout the home is a guaranteed way to convey love, while also conveying beauty.