Bill’s Closet Organization Tips

Spring is almost here. (Thank goodness!) This calls for a spring refresh of your home! A space that is often neglected is the closet. You’d be surprised by how transformative a closet refresh can be! Here are some organizational tips that can give your closet the face lift it needs and take your closet design to the next level.

For The Ladies

  • Jewelry organization. If you love jewelry and collect it, you understand how difficult it can be to store your delicate items without clutter. Chains knot up, and earrings and rings can get lost with improper storage. I recommend choosing a drawer with jewelry organizers in them. It’s the perfect way to store all of your treasures in one place so when you are looking to accessorize your outfit, you can view all of your options at once.
  • Find a home for your handbags. A great handbag is timeless, so they need to be stored properly so they are taken care of. Display larger bags behind glass doors or in an armoire and small bags in a drawer or cubby for ease of access when you need it!

For The Gentlemen

  • Store your shoes on a shelf. Get those shoes off the floor! Store them on a flat-slanted shoe shelf to extend the life of your shoes and display them in a way that you can easily choose dress shoes to match your suit. This is a time-saver in the morning!
  • Two words: tie rack. A pull-out tie rack is the storage solution you never knew you needed. It’s easy to install and is the perfect alternative to throwing your ties onto a hanger. This is especially useful if you’ve amassed a large collection of ties like myself.

Consult the experts

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