All about Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are a simple way to bring style and personality to any room without the need for paint or wall coverings. To me, the most inspiring walls are an eclectic mix of artwork and personal memories like children’s artwork or souvenirs from one’s travels. Here are some ideas for creating your own gallery wall!

  • Showcase your family’s legacy.

Family heirlooms are perfect for a gallery wall. In this gentleman’s study, I displayed my client’s father’s World War II Air Force uniform, as well as images and accolades from his time in the service.

  • Show off your collection.

If you’re a collector like me, chances are you have phenomenal collection hidden away in a closet or drawer. So why not turn the clutter into a picture-perfect gallery wall. If your collection is art, post cards, stamps, or Broadway playbills and posters in my case, displaying them on the wall is a great option and huge conversation piece!

  • Display special photos in one place

Big milestones like a wedding or the birth of a child or grandchild typically yield lots of images to commemorate the event. I love to display all of these photos on a gallery wall so that the pictures retell the story of that iconic moment.