Add Some Jive to Your January

January can be a tricky month to decorate your home. Holiday season is over, so there’s no more festive décor, but we’re still months away from spring decorations. Even though the weather outside is still frightful, I’ve got some tips to make sure your home is as jolly as ever!

It can be difficult to nail the perfect color scheme for January decorations, but I think subtle, white accents can work quite well for the first month of the year. Check out how the white elements in the furniture, window treatments, and decor of this room complement the wintry greens and blues. They remind me of fresh snow—I love it!

Not to contradict myself, but it’s also important not to overwhelm your home with an overabundance of cool colors. I love to complement those recurring cool, winter tones that are typical of January by finding creative ways to add a little bit of warmth and color! In this room, not only the fireplace adds spark to the room but we also added warm tones in the artwork and decor around it. Talk about hot!